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August 1, 2006

PlentyofFish Speed Dating Record

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Posted by Dave Evans

They are still counting registrations, but it appears that the PlentyOf Fish world record speed dating event was a success. Mark Brooks has more. Congrats to Markus, looks like it was a great event.

Glad to see live events making a comeback. Take off the business hat for a minute and think about 2.000 singles in the same room, speed dating and then dancing. Pretty cool. I'm surprised that the larger sites haven't tried activities like this. Poor Match Events, we barely knew you.

To Mark Brooks, what is your reasoning behind the comment that POF is the last really completely free dating site? What about the other 2,000 competitors?

Markus wants to surpass Match in 2007. Surpass in what way? Revenue, members or happy couples?

I'm paying particular attention to POF activity in Boston to see just how fast its growing. Unscientific but all I have to go on is new member matches.

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1. Markus on August 2, 2006 4:07 PM writes...

I think you could say Plentyoffish is the only free site in the top 50 that is actually free. Okcupid and matchdoctor claim to be free, yet they ask for your credit card to use anything but the basic features.

As for boston or even that entire area, Plentyoffish is going nowhere fast there. As for beating I want to pass them in active dailly users. You can't measure happy couples and you can't really beat them in terms of revenues. For me active users is the only metric that means anything or yields money.

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